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After searching for information and researching the implementation methods of other web pages, I think the principles and solutions of web page reports, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
I. General principle
1. Use the Activex report Control to directly read the page content, generate a report using the control in some ways, and then use the control to preview and print the report.
2. Execute related operations using components, generate a report file, and call the control to preview and print the report file.
3. Call the built-in IE method for printing. This method is not suitable for commercial applications.
II. Solution
1. Implementation of ActiveReports
You can only preview and print existing report files. In this case, you can print multiple pages, but the web page cannot generate report files. If you can generate reports instantly as in principle 1, you cannot print multiple pages.
2. Implementation of most materials
This is basically done according to principle 1, so their output is not processed by page. Such reports can be paged, but it is not very desirable for webpages.
3. Implementation of Crystal Reports
The method of Principle 2 is to generate a report file to a specified directory through its own components based on different operations, and then call the preview control of the Crystal Report to preview and print the file.
III. Comparison
1. The preview and print controls of ActiveReports are more elegant and easy to operate than those of Crystal Reports and third-party preview and print controls.
2. it is difficult for Crystal Reports to generate report files based on user operations. This should also be the reason why other software did not do so. For example, too many reports may impose a certain load on the server, it is not a program-designed report, so it is relatively simple and not beautiful.
3. In addition to directly calling the print function of IE, all other methods require ActiveX control support, and the client must register the preview print control.
IV. Summary
By searching for information and viewing instance research, we can come up with the following points:
There is no perfect solution to achieve printing functions like software while operating the database. It is also a common problem for network applications. Before there is no better technology, it should only be Mr. Cheng. After that, it is shown that the implementation method of the crystal report is not satisfactory, but it is cumbersome to teach. At the same time, the component documentation of the crystal report is not comprehensive, and it should be explored for use, but it is the only good solution in known software and can be used in practical applications.

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