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The dispersibility and interactivity of Web development determine that Web development must comply with certain development specifications and technical conventions, only when each developer designs, communicates, develops, tests, and deploys according to a common specification can the entire development team coordinate the work and improve the development efficiency, improve the quality of the project.
I. Project role Division
If you do not include marketing and sales personnel in the early and later stages, the development team can generally be divided into three roles: project owner, programmer, and artist.
The project owner is often referred to as the project manager, responsible for the personnel coordination, time schedule, and other arrangements of the project, as well as other matters related to the project. Programmers are mainly responsible for project requirement analysis, planning, design, code writing, website integration, testing, and deployment. The artist is responsible for website interface design and layout planning, and grasps the overall style of the website. If the project is large, you can group people by three roles.
Role division is an objective requirement for the technical dispersion or geographical dispersion of Web projects. The results of the division of labor can also clarify work responsibilities and ultimately ensure the quality of the project. The negative effect of division of labor is that it increases the cost of team communication and coordination and brings certain risks to the project. Therefore, the coordination capability of the project manager is very important. In the early and later stages of the project development, the program developers and engineers must have full communication to complete the project planning, testing, and acceptance.
2. Selection of development tools
Unlike C/S structure program development, you can use a language from start to end. You use Delphi, which is a Delphi programmer. You use VC ++, and you are a VC programmer. The selection of tools is a pain point in B/S structure Web development. From Windows to Linux, from IIS to Apache, from J2EE to. NET, from EJB to COM to. NET components ...... There are also Asp,, Jsp, Php, Perl, Javascript, Vbscript ......
It is not easy for the artist. What are "three muskeys on the webpage" "Three muskeys on the new webpage", FrontPage, Photoshop, and CorelDraw ...... Everyone said they are the most powerful!
Our experience is that it is best to use a uniform tool, but we do not have to deliberately force consistency. The diversity of Web development tools makes today's Internet a colorful situation. As long as the programmer's pure Html code is good enough, it will not affect the final integration of the website.
3. Project development process
The project manager takes the lead and focuses on programmers to discuss and analyze user requirements, generate website column planning (represented by a tree chart), and Mark static pages and dynamic pages. Dynamic pages must be implemented by a program. Develop the website interface framework, including the homepage diagram and the hook-and-hook relationship between pages. Generate the structure of each topic folder (some public folders such as images, scripts, styles need to be stored and called together ).
Then, the artist designs static webpages and other dynamic page interface frames based on the content performance requirements. The split images should be cut according to the size. Reserve page space for pages that require dynamic implementation by the program. Set the font, font size, hyperlink, and other CSS styles.
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