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Thunderbolt Encyclopedia is a one-stop Internet to provide users with digital content discovery and access to the platform services. "Discovery" includes search discovery and browse discovery, and "get" includes playback and downloads.

Rich content covers the movies, TV dramas, comprehensive arts, animation, music, video, entertainment, information, games, downloads and other multi-dimensional information, and support online on-demand and download, increase the convenience of users. Through the client, the big Almighty presents a variety of product forms to meet the diverse needs of different users in order to better improve product coverage.

Thunderbolt Daquan closely follow the development trend of the Internet, in response to market demand changes in a timely and rapid development. The duration of the project is very tight, the project directly from the product department to launch the demand, and then by the design Department for the relevant visual design matching. Throughout the project process, the designer can maximize the initiative, will be designed directly with the product, development to achieve seamless docking, reduce communication links, fast drive the progress of the project.

The style is still the main color of the Thunderbolt blue as a prerequisite for the design, but at the same time abandoned the old blue collocation, to a more fresh and beautiful blue as the whole interface style of the main color, to better narrow the customer, presenting a new visual experience.

In the blue color selection, the different blue for the repeated contrast, select the saturation of the lake Blue, using 2 shades of blue to deal with the interface effect.

1, the head structure adjustment: The search box's redistribution, adjusts the weight of the texture, lets the search function the expansion to be stronger, simultaneously highlights the brand logo strengthens the user perception.

2, increase the access to expand the column: generally not in the first screen show the column, click Rate will be reduced. Here to expand the entrance of the column to make more attractive to click the shape, improve the access rate.

Main Interface and Pop-up box

Installation Interface

After the client revision, the Web side also the pursuit of a more extensive visual experience. But time is still very urgent, starting in September 2012 to start the entire web side of the revision, by the product launch requirements, and design in the visual and structural layout of the intense discussion, only a better user experience.

This web version of the style wants to build the effect of the seabed, the implication of rich content experience, like the vast ocean as a whole. Locate the keywords and search for the bottom-related material.

Through the collection of materials, the formation of a basic prototype, repeated attempts to get the following 2 effects.

Finally combined with the overall interface layout, the design of a more concise scheme.

Attached Thunderbolt Daquan transmission door:

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