What are the common commands in network management

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See if the terminals between two networks are in the path

With this command, we can see if there's no communication between the networks.

such as Ping Echo first address, such as: ping to see if the network card is not a fault

Second ping yourself, such as:, to determine the settings without any problems

Ping the gateway again, such as:, to see if there is a path between the personal host and the gateway

Finally ping the extranet, such as: troubleshooting


To view the name of the host, after entering CMD, type hostname to display its own host name, such as Yinhe10

3.net Send

Send a message to the specified computer

such as: Net send hello this command is to send the Hello information to this IP computer

Note here that you must decide to start the Messenger service in the service

In addition, we can also use batch files and administration tools → Computer Management → All tasks in the shared folder (send Console Message)


You can view the MAC addresses of other computers, but you usually have to ping each other, followed by the parameter-a

such as: Ping and then arp–a, you can see this IP MAC address


You can view the status of the network, such as TCP and UDP ports, and so on, often followed by parameters such as –a–e–n–o–p–r–s


How many routers can the trace packets pass through to the destination computer such as: Tracert


Combining the functions and features of tracert and Ping, the use is as follows: Pathping


Enter in Run, Run DirectX Diagnostics tool, can optimize sound and image

9.Net start

command to start a service in DOS, such as: net start themes

net start followed by the name of the service to be started


In-run input can be entered into Group Policy editing, and Group Policy is an important element in server2003.

11.Net Share

You can view your own shared files, including implied shares.

12.Net View

View other people's shared folders, use Net view192.168.0.9c$, $ implicitly shared flags, and use this command to have each other's password.


Check if the used Server2003 is active


System Information, in the operation of the input, you can find in the tool, such as network diagnostics, such as several very good tools.

15.Web Remote Login Command

Enter Mstsc/console in Run


Group Policy refresh, you can use this command when Group Policy is applied to avoid a reboot.

17.Task List

You can view existing processes in Task Manager under DOS

18.Task Kill

A command to end a process in DOS, using the process number followed by the task kill and the process.

such as: Task Kill/pid 1542


Enter to open NetMeeting on run


Enter a domain controller in run


Convert the command of the disk format, but this command is usually to convert FAT32 to NTFS, which is a one-way process, if the conversion of NTFS to FAT32 very easy to lose files

Format is: Convert D:/fs:ntfs


IP View command, this command is widely used, usually followed by parameters

such as Ipconfig/all view IP information, such as the gateway, subnet mask, etc.

Ipconfig/release releases its own dynamic IP and related information

Ipconfig/renew to get new dynamic IP


Used to view IP and domain names

24.Net use

Network mapped drives in DOS, usually after a command followed by a virtual letter, the name of another host or a mapped shared folder under IP

such as: net use Z:

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