What do you do with an Excel parenthesis as a minus sign?

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Excel is often used in our daily computer software, if you learn Excel can be to a certain extent greatly improve the efficiency of the work. We are in the process of using Excel will encounter various problems, such as the input (), will become-this situation, then how to deal with it?

1, as shown in the picture, we in any one of the Excel cell input (18) such words, and then we press ENTER, when the original display of "(18)" Cell suddenly become "-18", which is what we say.

2, this situation is mainly because in the regular input, Excel () is exactly the same as, it will cause this situation, when we look at the cell format, will be displayed as "-18" style

3, then we have to do is to delete the contents of the original cell, it can be changed into a text format, we first set the cell format to text, and then enter (18), carriage return, found that the display or "(18)"

4, or we can use the shortcut, in the cell input "' (18)", input before adding a ' symbol, it means that the cell format into the text format, to achieve the same effect as above

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