What does a router pin mean?

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When you connect a wireless WiFi prompt to enter a PIN connection, the WPS feature is enabled on the wireless router (some routers are called QSS).

WPS is a router and wireless devices (mobile phones, notebooks, etc.) between the encryption method, and the PIN is a WPS authentication method, the equivalent of wireless WiFi password.

  How do I get a pin?

WPS-enabled wireless routers, in the factory, there is a default PIN, the router at the bottom of the small sticker sticker above, as shown in the following figure.

  Note the problem:

In the wireless router settings interface, you can modify the PIN code, if the PIN has been modified, you must enter a modified PIN to be able to connect.


It is recommended to disable the WPS function (QSS) on the wireless router, and the current wireless network with WPS encryption is very easy to be rubbed against the NIC/software. These network software can be computer pin code, and then through the PIN code, connected to the wireless router, to rub the net.

Therefore, it is best to disable the WPS feature on the wireless router, and to protect wireless WiFi by setting a password on the wireless network to prevent the network from rubbing.

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