What does router hijacking mean?

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What does router hijacking mean?

Router hijacking, usually refers to the wireless network in the radio router, other users by cracking the wireless network password, thereby connecting to your wireless network, and then through the login router management interface to control the entire wireless network.

In layman's parlance, the router is hijacked is, others can connect your wireless network, and login on the wireless router background management interface, you can arbitrarily modify the router background settings, tamper with DNS address, so as to endanger the user network security, gain private interests.

  Why do hackers hijack router DNS?

1, through the hijacking router, can tamper with the router DNS address, once the DNS address has been tampered with, it can control the computer access to the network, the more common is to set a Web page or open Taobao or other online mall, the site will automatically jump to some promotional pages, these pages are similar to Taobao guests, As long as you buy the merchandise, hackers can get a share of the proceeds, similar to getting the advertising proceeds.

2, through the hijacking router, can also monitor the network users of the Internet situation, the theft of user account information, and even the bank information;

3, constantly in the user's computer placed in the window ads, the Internet will continue to bomb ads, and anti-virus can not kill;

4, open the Web page automatically jump to Trojan hacker links, QQ password and other account password may be hackers steal.

In short, routers hijacked, for users, the harm is still quite large, which is why the major media constantly remind the vast number of wireless users, pay attention to strengthen the router security settings, to prevent the cause of the hijacking.

  Router hijacking is so scary, so how to see if the router is hijacked?

 There are currently 3 main ways to prevent this:

1, check the router DNS address has been tampered with

Routers are hijacked, the first step of hackers will modify your router DNS address, only by tampering with the DNS address, to control the user's home page, automatic jump page, insert window ads and so on.

Check to see if the router DNS address has been tampered with please read: Router DNS has been tampered with the router DNS hijacked solution.

2, check the wireless connection device users

After checking the router DNS address, we login to the Router management interface, check the current number of devices connected to the wireless network, as shown in the following figure, is the author's wireless router will see two connected users, because the author notebook computer and smart phones are connected to the wireless network, so just two users, So it can be concluded that no net is being rubbed.

3, strengthen the wireless router security settings

If the router DNS address has not been tampered with, and there is no rub network phenomenon, generally speaking, your router is not hijacked, but for security reasons, please pay attention to enhance security protection, re-modify the login address, complex wireless password and so on.

  What about routers being hijacked?

Small series found that many computer users of the router DNS address was tampered with, most of the one is, when the search for goods in Taobao, the results will jump to some special web site, these URLs is the invasion of hackers malicious DNS address caused by the main purpose is, when users search for goods, hackers can take commission, The following figure:

As shown above, is the router DNS has not been tampered with the change of the product search URL changes, there is a problem is normal for s.taobao and sometimes, if the router DNS has been tampered with, we search the Web site before the product becomes S8.taobao, there is a problem. So what about router DNS being tampered with? In fact, it is also very simple, we just need to enter the router settings inside check whether the DNS hijacked tampering, if there is, to automatically obtain, in addition to prevent the router DNS later hijacked and tampered with, we have to promptly modify the router login password.

  A workaround for router DNS tampering

Here a small series of fast routers, for example, tell you how to solve the problem of router DNS tampered with, other brand routers are the same operation.

1, first login to the router's settings page, the method is to open the browser, and then enter the Web site, and then press ENTER, confirm open, and then pop-up login interface, we enter the username and password Deng Li can be, (the default username and password are admin, if there are changes before, Please refer to the modification as follows:

2, enter the router user name and password, click the confirmation at the bottom, you can login to the router management interface, and then we click on the left "network parameters" to expand more settings, you can see the "Wan Settings" option, we then click on the left of the WAN port settings can display the status of the current dial-up connection as follows:

3, as shown above, we then click on the router Wan port to set the interface at the bottom of the "Advanced Settings", the following figure arrow refers to the position. Click the advanced settings, you can enter the router DNS settings interface, the following figure:

From the above illustration, we can clearly see that the router DNS address has been tampered with, because the DNS address is automatically acquired in the router default settings, and from the above figure, we can see that its DNS address is checked manually and a number of tampered DNS addresses are filled in.

4, then how to operate it? Amplification is very simple, we only need to change the following DNS server and alternate DNS server address to normal, of course, you can also remove it, and then the "Manually set up DNS server" before the check out, and then click on the bottom of the save, the following figure:

The above operation can be implemented to the router default DNS settings, remove the manual on behalf of the router DNS address will be automatically acquired by the router, it will automatically get to your nearest service provider's DNS address.

  To modify the router login password

Because the router default login username and password are admin, our router DNS has been tampered with, the default user name is well-known, is a great relationship. To ensure that the router DNS address is again hijacked tampering, we need to modify the router password as soon as possible, modify the router login username and password is also very simple, the method is:

Click on the Left "System Tools"---> "Modify login Password" To enter the router's password Settings page. Enter the current login username, password, new username and new password, and confirm the password and click Save, as shown in the following figure.

 Small Series Summary:

The router DNS address is tampered mainly because the general user did not modify the router default username and password, so that hackers can easily tamper with the router DNS address, in fact, as long as we pay more attention to the security of the router password, hackers will not be so easy to succeed, if you suspect that their routers were hijacked, Let's try the small-weave method quickly!

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