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1. Check Line connection

Check that the computer's network cable is connected to the correct port (1, 2, 3, 4 arbitrary LAN port) to ensure that the computer cable interface and router corresponding to the interface of the indicator (green) normal.

Cable Connection schematic

Note: Some router LEDs are on the front panel, labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4.

2. Confirm the computer automatically obtain the IP address

Set the computer's wired network card (local connection) to automatically obtain the IP address, click the operating system you use to view the setup steps.

3. Confirm Login mode is correct

Router Management background has domain name login and management of IP login two ways:

(1) Domain login

A. The tin sign at the bottom of the router says "Admin page: tplogin.cn."

B. Open the browser, enter tplogin.cn, and the Login dialog box will pop up.

C. page pop-up login interface, enter account number and password login.

(2) Login using IP address

A. Check the default gateway address that the computer automatically obtains, which is the management IP address of the router.

B. For example, to see that the gateway that the computer automatically obtains is, it means that the address is the management IP address of the router. Open IE Browser, enter in the Address bar and return.

4. Check browser settings

Check your browser settings and check the following methods:

Disable dial-up connection: Open IE browser, click Tools >> Internet Options, select connection >> never dial connection.

Disable Network proxy: Click Tools >> Internet Options, select Connection >> LAN settings, make sure three options are not checked, click OK, go back to the previous Internet Options dialog box, and click OK. As shown in the following illustration:

Turn off offline: Offline will affect the normal browsing of the Web, click on the browser file >> work offline to ensure that the work offline before the check out.

After setting up, try logging into the router management interface.

5. Change the browser or computer

Replace the browser (using Firefox/firefox, Google/chrome, or other browsers) or replace the other computer to try to login to the admin interface.

6. Reset the Router

Router power state, the use of paper clips and other cutting-edge objects, press and hold the back of the router reset key 5-8 seconds, the front panel led flashing three times to become often bright, indicating the success of the router reset.

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