What is Moore's law?

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Moore's law was proposed by Gordon Moore, one of Intel's founders, Gordon Moore. The content is: when the price is unchanged, the number of transistors that can be accommodated on the integrated circuit will increase by one times every 18 months, and the performance will be increased by one times. In other words, every dollar will be able to buy the performance of the computer, each 18 months over twice. This law reveals the speed with which information technology is progressing.

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Gordon Moore (Gordon Moore) proposed "Moore's Law" in 1965. It is reported that one day in 1965 Moore left the Silicon Crystal workshop and sat down, took a ruler and a piece of paper, and drew a sketch. The longitudinal axis represents the not developed chip, the horizontal axis is the time, the result is a very regular geometric growth. The discovery, published in the 35th issue of the journal Electronics, is the most important article in his life. This casual work is by far the most meaningful thesis in the history of semiconductors.

After "Moore's Law" was introduced in 1965, Gordon Moore founded Intel Corporation in 1968. He was awarded the National Technology Award by President Bush in 1990. Gordon Moore did not quit Intel's board until he retired in 2001.

Gordon Moore recalled the discovery of Moore's Law, because in the writing of an integrated circuit article, found that a chip capacity will be increased year by month. From 60 components to 64,000, doubling each year, and the price is the corresponding year-on-year decline, then buy a component price 10 years later can buy an integrated chip, this is a long-term inference. Moore believes that advances in technology have kept the computer's performance exponentially growing. This growth is very regular. Because of its predictability and importance, it is formally defined as Moore's Law: The circuit density of the microprocessor chip, and its potential computational power, doubles every other year.

In order to make Moore's law more accurate, in 1975, 10 years after Moore's law was discovered, Moore made some changes. The time to double is adjusted from one year to two years. It is because of this law that the economic benefits of Moore's law make it a development pointer for Intel Corporation. Moore's law miraculously worked for more than 30 years, and even Moore himself was amazed.

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Moore's law, though named after Gordon Moore, was not Moore's first Gordon Moore, but Professor Cavo Mide of the California Institute of Technology (Carver Mead). Mead was the first to pay attention to the increase in output of transistors such as the one proposed by Moore's law, which would cause its price to drop. If the computer-processing power of a given price increases by one times every two years, the computer-processing device at this price will be halved in the same period, Mead said.

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