What is the difference between a solid-state drive and a mixed hard drive?

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  What is a mixed hard drive:

Many friends of computer enthusiasts regard a hybrid hard drive as a solid state drive mixed with a common mechanical hard drive. In fact, mixed hard disk is not a solid-state hard disk with traditional mechanical hard disk to use the name.

A hybrid hard drive (Hhd:hybrid Hard disk) is a hard drive that integrates magnetic hard drives with flash memory. To put it simply, a hybrid hard drive is a new hard disk based on a traditional mechanical hard disk, in addition to the mechanical hard disk necessary disc, motor, head and so on, but also built-in NAND flash particles, this particle will be the user frequently accessed data storage, can achieve such as the performance of the SSD effect read. In theory, a hybrid hard drive can combine the advantages of flash and hard disk, complete the work of HDD+SSD: The small size, frequently accessed data on the flash, and the large-capacity, infrequently accessed data stored on the disk.

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Difference between a mixed hard disk and a solid state drive

The idea of a hybrid hard drive is similar to the "Ready Boost" feature on Microsoft's new generation of Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, both by increasing the speed of flash memory for Data prefetching (Prefetch) to reduce the number of reads from the hard disk and thus improve performance. The difference is that a hybrid hard drive integrates the Flash memory module directly onto the hard drive, comparing it with a new generation of hybrid hard drives that not only provide better performance, but also reduce the number of reads and writes to the hard drive, reducing the power consumption of the hard drive, especially the battery endurance of the laptop. Because the general mixed hard drive only has 256MB of SLC flash memory, the cost will not be significantly increased. At the same time, the hybrid hard drive also uses the traditional magnetic hard drive design, therefore does not have the solid state hard disk capacity small insufficiency. Currently used flash memory is NAND flash. A hybrid hard drive is a solution between a magnetic hard disk and a solid-state hard drive (ssd:solid state disk).

It is important to note that both the hybrid hard drive and the solid-state drive use flash memory to improve read and write performance, but the requirements of the environment vary, and the hybrid hard drive works only under Windows Vista or Windows 7 or higher systems, such as Windows XP system and ordinary hard drive is not much different, solid-state hard drive is not the limit. Solid-State drives are the use of flash memory to create large-capacity hard disks, as long as the motherboard is compatible, even with Windows XP or other older operating systems, can also achieve performance gains.

Hybrid hard drive and is the computer at the same time the use of solid-state hard disk and mechanical hard disk abbreviation, with the price of mechanical hard drive, many users will use solid-state drive to upgrade the system speed, but because the solid state hard disk capacity is generally small, so many users will increase capacity of mechanical hard disk, that the combination of In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

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