What to do if SSH cannot connect to the VPS

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When the SSH command is connected, an error occurs as follows:

zhang-hengde-macbook-air:~ henry24264$ ssh root@


@ warning:remote HOST Identification has changed! @


IT is POSSIBLE This SOMEONE is doing something nasty!

Someone could is eavesdropping on your right now (Man-in-the-middle attack)!

It is also possible the RSA host key has just been changed.

The fingerprint for the "RSA key sent by" The remote host is


Please contact your system administrator.

Add correct host key in/users/henry/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of the.

Offending key In/users/henry/.ssh/known_hosts:2

RSA host key for has changed and your have requested strict.

Host Key verification failed.

After Google, we found the solution, the command is as follows, delete the relevant information,

The code is as follows

1 zhang-hengde-macbook-air:~ henry24264$ VI ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Then you will see the following information: The following ssh-rsa all can be deleted, vi command, the left and right key to find the location of the following information, and then at the selected line, press DD to delete a row. Ssh-rsa Aaaab3nzac1yc2eaaaabiwaaaqeas7te1nlc8yumhkjumspfejcc0ztfqiwgiklyrnf4kvcz+ece/yy59qxnvg7b0dwa /wyzlagrdumwfexx4y7ve3wuneexvpmrjf0yzgg5qw6edxnmequzzi5k7jg96vgq+5zzhtsrhuqxh1anrmyydrfmufdxth+ a3jkcoqlx9iiifouuuh5jeelql9w9frgmogoqmm3cvbn33mblyhza0uoa3gdpfgrxfjxypvluod90rjivc126cxik3tmsfs0emo7qxpz4mrng/ 1xpcqgkxnejbkrlutxzlxgbwuod3hpx7ob28uk1rdgsxhcztkspph3a04i7y5c5qz1xdxfzdq== Ssh-rsa aaaab3nzac1yc2eaaaabiwaaaqeasi5flkoqayuhjmlxae69vlxa7en/smxxs+ VDJGXLGLLTLDSOXKI1CBDZUPM4FEFMES4A3X3MFAB8L46RFNPJE45HCA4U6UC

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