What to do with Apache 80 ports being consumed by IIS

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How IIS modifies the 80 port

If you want to modify IIS without using the 80 method, it's easy to find in our IIS Manager, IIS management and then change 80 to 81.

Apache modifies the listening port by:

Open httpd.conf

Modify Listen 80 for L Second World collation release Isten 81

Apache can monitor more than one port at a time to implement multiple HTTP services

Just add a line like Listen 82

Similarly, IIS can modify the default port to avoid conflicts

The modification method is similar

Open Administrative Tools-> Internet Services Manager

Click Default Web site (or other custom Site)-> right click to select Properties

Click to select Web Site-> Advanced ...

Modify TCP Port to a valid value

If 80 ports are not occupied by the above two programs, we can refer to the following method to find out which service the 80 port is occupied by

If we need to determine who's taking up our 80 ports,

1. Windows platform

In the Windows Command Line window, Second world collation publication execution:

C:>netstat-aon|findstr "80"

TCP Listening 2448

Do you see that the port is occupied by a process number 2448 process, and continue with the following command:

C:>tasklist|findstr "2448"

Thread.exe 2016 Console 0 16,064 K

It's clear that thread takes up your port, kill it

If the second step is not found, then open Task Manager, see which process is 2448, and then kill it.

If you need to see additional ports. get rid of 80.

Add: The reason why this error occurred (httpd.exe:Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for Se Rvername) is because DNS is not configured properly. If you do not want to configure DNS, in httpd.conf, join ServerName localhost:80 at the top

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