Why Win7 when downloading the old drop line?

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After several days of testing, it was found that Windows 7 users did exist, but did not achieve "frequent" situations. At the same time, it is not the Thunder or the express to rob the bandwidth. (That is, rob the bandwidth, the form of performance is also the page to open slowly, rather than the line), looking for the cause of the problem, we think that the Windows 7 system for the network card power management defaults caused.

Below, take the WINDOWS7 system as an example to adjust this setting, like VISTA--

In Windows7 Control Panel, right-click Local Area connection (if you are using a wireless network, right-click on the wireless network connection), and select Properties from the pop-up menu (Figure 1: Properties of the wireless network connection).

The Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box appears and clicks the Configure button (Figure 2).

The system then opens the Network Card Properties window. Switch to the Power management option in this new window to cancel the WINDOWS7 system default check "allow the computer to turn off this device to conserve power" (Figure 3).

After the modification is complete, save the settings and exit.

Note: This article is only for the drop line a solution, not to say that in the WINDOWS7 system down the line is the network card power management caused.

Of course, there is another way to solve this, is to set the Windows7 or Vista system to leave the mode (Awaymode), this model and hibernate, sleep is not the same, the computer in sleep will also open the network card, so that the most power-saving overnight download resources.

The way to fix Windows7 and Vista systems is simple, using a software that's underneath the soft medium.

Vista system: Using the Vista optimization guru, or a new generation of optimization masters-Rubik's Cube

Windows7 system: Using Windows7 Optimization master, or a new generation of optimization master-Rubik's Cube

The use of the Rubik's Cube is very simple, screenshots are as follows:

If you have not tried the latest generation of Rubik's Cube, then, with Windows7 optimization master to open the Windows7 system of the operation of the exit mode screenshot as follows:

Vista Optimizer to open the Vista system's left-mode operation screenshot as follows:

Of course, the soft media recommend everyone to use a new generation of optimization Masters: Rubik's Cube, the use of C + +, performance and efficiency than the optimization Master series improved dozens of times times.

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