Win 8 use ClearType to adjust font effect

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ClearType is the screen font smoothing tool that Microsoft provides for Windows operating systems, making Windows fonts more beautiful. ClearType is mainly aimed at LCD LCD display design, can improve the clarity of the text. The basic principle is that the display of R, G, b each pixel also glows, so that its tonal subtle adjustment, can achieve the actual resolution above (transverse resolution of three times times) the display of slender text.

It's used in Windows 7, and it's a great way to feel the ClearType tuning clarity! You can use it in Windows 8, of course! WIN8E 800 million nets the author currently holds Win7 and WIN8 dual systems, but has been completely transferred to WIN8! When you first moved to WIN8, you found that the words that the browser displayed were not clear (compared to what you saw on the Win7 browser). So the decisive attempt ClearType to adjust.

Control Panel--display--Adjusts the ClearType text.

Then step by step to see which is the clearest you see, the choice, the next ... At this time must not too hesitant, a look at the past think that is the clear and comfortable to choose that, if you feel that a step in two are looking comfortable, decisive election of a good, the most taboo is to stare at the stare look ... You can't even decide to see your eyes.

Use ClearType to adjust and try again. Is it better?!

However, there are some cases, the adjustment after the display effect is inferior to not adjust. Really want to be encountered in this situation, you may wish to adjust a few times to try.

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