WIN10 use 360 speed browser to play video show how the Cotton solution

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The specific methods are as follows:

1, in the 360 browser address bar input chrome://plugins/, the kernel of the Plugin Management page, press the right angle of the "Details" button.

2, find Adobe Flash Player. There are usually many. Note The version number such as Keep only the version of Pepflashplayer32 with the "open" version number "the highest" and "deactivate" all the remaining lower versions.

3, generally this has been repaired no card. If the card still can be changed to "open" NPSWF32 napi flash in the same position, turn off the previous ppflash. Still card, you can try each Flash version, you can also turn off other plug-ins such as some of the security banner "T Bao" "x Lei" "Al Baba" and other plug-ins, try again.

4, pathological analysis: is due to flash player in the background without human intervention automatically upgraded and imperfect, resulting in a number of Flash Player plug-ins and existing conflicts. It may also conflict with other preinstalled browser plug-ins. Like my situation is upgraded after Windows 10, Flash automatically upgrades the plugin save location changes, resulting in the new and old version of Flash running at the same time, the occurrence of Youku serious cotton

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