Win7 cannot change the resolution of a desktop background picture

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Failure phenomenon:

The Windows 7 desktop background suddenly cannot be changed.

Reason Analysis:

Viruses or third party optimizations, or the installation of theme software, can cause such problems.


General method: To check the virus, disable all startup items, this need to try all invalid after the following operation.

Method One:

Enter the easy Access Center in the Start search box, return;

Pull the slider to "Browse all settings." Click Make the computer easier to view;

Look at the bottom of the window "make it easier to see what is displayed on the screen" section "Delete background image (if any)" is checked? If yes, please clear the check;

Check that wallpaper can be changed.

Method Two:

If the Windows7 desktop background is locked, you will not be able to change the desktop background, as long as the "Prevent changes desktop background" and "desktop wallpaper" are configured to "Not configured" in Group Policy respectively.

The "Prevent changing desktop background" setting to "Not Configured" in Group Policy;

"Desktop wallpaper" in Group Policy is set to "Not Configured";

If the system version does not support Group Policy Editor, you can try to modify it directly from the registry, as follows:

Use the key combination "win+r" to pull up the Run command box. Type Regedit.exe, enter, and open Registry Editor. (If pop-up User Account Control window, please allow to continue)

Tip: There is a risk of modifying the registry, please proceed with caution.

Locate the following registry key in turn:


Locate the Activedesktop item. (If not, right-click "Policies", select "New-> item" and name it activedesktop)

Click to expand Activedesktop, the right mouse button in the Details window, select "New->dword value", named Nochangingwallpaper;

Assigns a value to the new value nochangingwallpaper. 1 means that the change is blocked, and 0 indicates that the change is allowed. Here, assign it a value of 0;

Click OK to save your changes and Exit Registry Editor.

Restart your computer, now can the wallpaper be changed?

Method Three:

If not, then look at the Transcodedwallpaper.jpg file, maybe it's a problem.

Enter the following address in the Address bar, carriage return.


Rename the transcodedwallpaper.jpg to Transcodedwallpaper.old. (if the file suffix name is not visible, click "Alt+t" to bring up the toolbar, open the Tools-> folder option, and uncheck the "Hide extensions for known files" on the View tab.) )

At this point will appear the following prompts, skip directly, point "yes";

Then, double hit open Slideshow.ini, empty all file contents;

Exit Explorer. Reboot the machine, check it out, is the problem solved?

If it is still unresolved, all options for setting the background have been changed, and only system issues can be considered.

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