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One, the mouse to right-click Win7 desktop blank, and then will pop up a window, which has "view and arrange the way" two options, as long as the flexible use of these two menu features can be your desktop System icon to adjust well.

Viewing options features a "large icon, medium icon, and Small icon options, you can set the size of the icon according to their own needs, the general on the desktop is small icon is good." Then there is the option to automatically arrange icons, align icons with the grid, display desktop icons, and display desktop gadgets.

1, automatic arrangement of icons: Your icon will be arranged according to the size of the system icon.

2, display desktop icons and display desktop gadgets: You must check the options, if the option is not on the hook, then the desktop is blank, but the background desktop, the other is not.

Second, and the arrangement of the above name, size, modification date, modify time to set, then choose one of the ways, such as size, then the desktop System icon will be in the order from large to small to arrange the icon. But the content is very simple, as the understanding can.

Three, through the above operation will be able to arrange your desktop icons neatly, but if you want to change the size of the system desktop icon, there is a trick, you hold down the keyboard CTRL, and then scroll the mouse wheel (now the mouse is there, unless your mouse or 5 years ago), This allows you to fine-tune the size of the icons. and browsing the Web page in your open browser has the same effect.

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