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When we are using the computer, we may encounter the system resources too much to slow down, or feel that a program is consuming too much network bandwidth want to carefully check the details, as well as delete the file when you encounter a system reminder that the file is in use but it is not clear what the software process footprint and so on. Today we introduce the Windows Resource Monitor in Win7 system, which is more powerful and professional than our familiar Windows Task Manager, Win7 Resource Monitor can view the hardware (CPU, memory, disk and network) and software (file handle and module) in real time. Resource usage information that makes it easy for users to filter results according to specific processes or services that need to be monitored. In addition, we can use the WIN7 Resource Monitor to start, stop, suspend, and restore processes and services and troubleshoot when an application does not respond as expected.

Open Win7 Resource Monitor

We have several ways to open the WIN7 Resource Monitor. For example, press "Win+r", then enter "Resmon.exe" in the Run window, or press the "OK" button.

Icon: Enter "Resmon.exe" in the Win7 run window

Or click on the Win7 desktop in the lower left corner of the circular Start button, the Win7 Start menu in the Search box to enter "Resource Monitor", left click on the "program" category to search the Resource Monitor program.

Icon: Search for a resource monitor in the Win7 Start menu

You can also open the resource Monitor from the familiar Task Manager: Right-click the Win7 taskbar, select Start Task Manager from the menu, select the Performance tab in the dialog box, and then click the Resource Monitor button.

Icon: Click Resource Monitor in the Win7 Task Manager

WIN7 Resource Monitor to display system resource running status in full time

After opening the WIN7 Resource Monitor, we can see five tabs, namely overview, CPU, memory, disk, and network. The Overview tab shows basic system resource usage information, and other tabs display information about each specific resource, and you can switch between tabs by clicking the tab title. The monitoring of system consumption resources in the Resource Monitor is in the process, and it tells us how many systems and network resources each process takes up separately.

Diagram: Win7 Resource Monitor

CPU Resource Monitoring

By clicking on the "CPU" tab, we can visually see the share of the CPU's multiple cores, while also seeing in detail how much resources each process consumes, and also viewing the services, handles, and modules associated with the program. In addition to viewing, we can also directly manipulate these processes here: End the process, end the process tree, suspend the process, and so on. At the same time, we can individually filter out the monitoring information of a process, just tick the process before the selection of the box is OK, very convenient.

Diagram: Win7 Resource Monitor shows CPU usage status

Memory monitoring

In terms of monitoring memory, the WIN7 Resource Monitor allows users to visually see the physical memory that has been used and the remaining memory, as well as to view the detailed memory usage of a process separately.

WIN7 Resource Monitor displays memory usage status

Disk Monitoring

Does the software in the system casually check the privacy files in the computer? With the Monitoring disk feature, you can see what files the software has "moved".

WIN7 Resource Monitor displays disk usage status

monitoring network

In the WIN7 Resource monitor you can see that all programs consume network resources, including downloads and uploads. To find out which software is causing the internet to slow down, or whether there are hacker software, there are some clues here.

Diagram: Win7 Resource Monitor displays network usage status

Here we look at some specific examples of applications.

Apply: Determine the network address to which the process is connected

Open the WIN7 Resource Monitor, click the Network tab, and then click the title bar of the TCP connection to expand the corresponding table. Locate the process whose network connection you want to determine. If there are a large number of entries in the table, you can click image to sort by the name of the executable file. View the remote address and remote port columns to see the network address and port to which the process is connected.

Computer knowledge

Diagram: Determine which network address the process is connected to

Apply: End a program or process that does not shut down properly

If a program does not shut down properly, we can open the Win7 Resource Monitor, analyze the problem in detail, if you want to end the program or process, you can select the CPU tab, check the relevant software or programs, search for related files in the "associated handle" and choose "End Process" from the right-click menu.

Diagram: End a program or process that does not shut down properly

Full use of Win7 Resource Monitor, we can understand the real-time state of the system, if you find that the computer running slowly or the internet is very slow, you can use this professional tool to analyze the reasons, may be a program is secretly running, it may be a software in desperately uploading data. Want to monitor the computer program every move, want to rule out unresponsive program failure, may wish to try this professional and powerful Win7 Resource Monitor.

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