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Now, in the era of XP imminent demise, with the hardware upgrades, many friends choose to go to Win7 's embrace. After installing the new system, many people will choose to use some optimization software or optimize the cheats, in order to enable the computer to run faster purposes. Many friends will follow the XP era of the optimization techniques passed down, these skills for the Win7 system can also be effective? What happens when you apply it?

When it comes to optimization, the first reaction of many friends may be to optimize the master, Rubik's Cube and other Third-party optimization tools, in the use of them, may be because of misoperation, or the optimization of the tool itself will cause a variety of computer problems, this is what we often say optimization over, there are excessive optimization problems, we should do? On the above two issues, today with you to discuss the problem of Win7 optimization.

Myth 1 Modify boot settings to increase the boot speed of Windows 7

Run the msconfig command in Windows 7, open the configuration program in the system, and then tap the Boot tab, and in Advanced options, the dual-core processor user can change the number of processors from the original "1" to "2" or a number greater than "2". This is said to increase the boot speed by 20%.

Verification: After the modification, many friends of the computer has a system stability problems, in the running of the program, may cause panic.

Comments: The normal startup of the computer is calculated according to the original default CPU core number, the number of processors in the system configuration program is set up to solve some compatibility problems, the so-called number of processors modified to 2 or multi-core to improve the efficiency is wrong, and can not accelerate the optimization of the system.

Myth 2 virtual memory should be set to 1.5 times times the physical memory

Description: This technique has a long history, the specific operation method is: Right key point "My Computer", left Key "Properties", click "Advanced System Settings", point "performance" in the "Settings" button, and then select the "Advanced" tab, click the following "Change" button, the pop-up window is the Virtual Memory Settings window.

Validation: As hardware performance improves, 2GB, 4GB memory is already standard, and if you want to install "cheat" descriptions, set virtual memory to 1.5 times times the physical memory ——— 4GB to 12GB. This will not only speed up the operation of the computer, but also slow down the speed of the system.

Comments: In the Win9x or XP era, 256MB or 512MB of memory is good, in such a small physical memory, the use of virtual memory is very high, by adding virtual memory to reduce the "memory bump rate" Of course can play a certain effect. But as technology has improved, memory has entered the GB era, if the virtual memory set to a few GB, according to the SATA2 interface of the hard disk, because its read speed of approximately 100mb/s, fully read the virtual memory (according to 2GB), roughly 20 seconds, and frequently read and write data , there will be "hard disk fragmentation", more fragmented, and will certainly slow down the system.

How exactly does the Win7 virtual memory set up to be good? Win7 's memory footprint is larger than XP and the management mechanism is not the same, so it cannot be measured with XP-era standards. Win7 has given priority to the use of physical memory, take 2GB of memory, if there is no memory management experience, and a one-time open web page is not many, such a usage can refer to virtual memory settings 300-1000MB This dynamic value, to cope with the surge in temporary virtual memory consumption. If you want to set the size of virtual memory more stringent, you need to detect the specific amount of virtual memory. A memory counter can be added to the computer management → performance → monitoring tools → performance counters to understand the peak memory footprint and then set the virtual memory value according to this amount.

Myth 3 saves 800MB of space and removes unwanted drivers

"Cheats" description: Into the "C:windowssystem-32driverstore" directory, delete the "filere-pository" folder inside, you can save into 800MB of disk space for the system "weight loss."

Validation: When this directory is deleted, the user needs to have the appropriate permissions to operate. Deleting the directory does not affect the normal functioning of the system, but when you use unfamiliar Plug and Play devices, you are prompted to "fail to install device drivers successfully" and you need to manually install the drivers.

Comments: Compared to the XP era of small hard disk, nearly 800MB of space for the current TB hard disk, completely insignificant, and in the Win7 Plug and Play function is now more perfect, basically eliminates the user manual installation driver trouble, if delete "Filere-pository" folder, it is equivalent to delete the Win7 Plug and Play function, so save this space, but a little more than the gain.

Myth 4 Extend hard disk life, periodically empty or close Superprefetch (previous prefetch read buffer file)

Description: Deletes the C:windowsprefetch file in "Hkey_local_machinesystem" and goes to Registry Editor "Currentcontrolsetcontrolsession Managermemory Managementprefetchparameters, change the key value of Enablesuperfetch to 0, disabling SuperFetch.

Validation: The speed of starting frequently used applications is significantly slower after deletion.

Comment on: This technique is useful to XP system, that is because in XP, Prefetch (read-back buffer) is not easy to use, the effect is not good, also often error, and after the turn off Prefetch hard drive indicator will be flashing, many friends think Win7 Superprefetch It can not improve the working efficiency of the hard disk, but shorten the service life of the hard disk. But as the Win7 system is perfected, today's prefetch (which has been upgraded to Superprefetch) has been quite handy, and it can monitor user habits, record the time that these recurring actions occur and end, and details about the foreground and backend software that was running, So when there is free space inside, you can load a portion of the file into memory at a predetermined time, the new technology will make the whole system more and more quickly. And when we empty the Super-prefetch file, the computer records the start of the law also clear, not only will not help to start the program, but will cause Windows to record these rules.

Misunderstanding 5 Modify the registry to achieve the Lightning shutdown

"Cheat" Description: Open Registry Editor, enter "Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolset control" in turn, and find "wait-tokillservicetimeout" on the right, By modifying the default value from 12000 (12 seconds) to a smaller number, you can make the shutdown faster.

Verification: The author's computer Shutdown time (not open any application) is about 12 seconds, the key values are changed to 7000 and 0, the setting is effective, the test shutdown time or about 12 seconds, basically nothing changes, it can be seen that the cheats did not reach the legendary "lightning shutdown" effect.

Comment: "WaitToKillServiceTimeout" is the time to terminate the system service, that is, if a service has been shut down for a specified time (the default of 12 seconds) has not stopped, the system will force it to stop. However, these 12 seconds only contain the time it takes to shut down the system service, we probably run some applications when we shut down, and each computer starts a different service, and if forced shutdown may cause the system to run unstable.

From the above several XP optimization cheats or tricks in windows 7, we can see that the technology is progressing, but the method cannot be copied. Because Windows 7 compared to XP a lot of features in the principle has been very different, the most typical example is the Cheats 4 in the Superprefetch, it and XP times prefetch compared to the function has been improved a lot, so we can not use stereotype to treat.

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