Win7 system method of hard disk installation Win8 system graphics and text tutorial

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First, it is recommended that a system disk be specifically assigned to WIN8. Skip this step if you have an empty disk or a child's shoe that you do not want to separate.

Under the Win7 flagship, NTFS-formatted hard disks can be split directly through compression. Process is as follows

Right click on my Computer, select admin option

Select Store

Select Disk Management

Select a disk with a larger space remaining. Right-click to select Compressed volume

Input compression size, recommended 30G

Then right-click on the compressed volume to create a new simple volume.

After the tray, will download the good WIN8 system image decompression under this disk, my decompression path is I:WIN8

Ready to work, start installing the system.

Reboot the computer. Press F8 into the system menu when entering Bois. Select the Repair computer option. And then select a command prompt.

(Video screenshot, not clear ...) Open the installation file with a DOS system. Enter the path where the file is located. such as I:win8setup.exe at this time may be a problem, due to the system disk problem, may have changed the letter, so if you say I do not have files, try other letter. D E f etc...

After opening the installation file. Enter the following interface

After some waiting, finally have our familiar installation interface, choose to agree definitely right ...

Select the second item

Select a separate installation letter

Well, wait a while, you can enjoy the use of Win8 ~

At this point, the WIN8 installation is successful, System selection options appear when you enter the system, Win7 Win8 not interfere

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