Win7 use Group Policy to promote speed

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Tip: Only the flagship version of WINDOWS7 can use the Group Policy feature,

First: New policy

First, what is the QoS? QoS is a kind of security mechanism of network, and it is a kind of technology to solve the problem of network delay and congestion.

QoS is a function of when the network overload or congestion, QoS can ensure that important traffic is not delayed or discarded, while ensuring the efficient operation of the network.

In short, it is to improve the network priority of the game program to achieve the goal of reducing latency. Let's take a World of Warcraft as an example to explain.

Enter "Gpedit.msc" into Group Policy settings in the Search window, find the "policy-based QoS" option, right-click the new policy, we name it "WOW", then set the DSCP value to 63, click Next. Choose to apply this QoS policy to applications with this executable name only, and then enter the full path to the World of Warcraft WOW.EXE program in the following column, and then click Next. Choose the default can be the last click Complete, restart the computer, you can see the effect, according to the author's repeated testing, can reduce the delay of about 80ms.

The second kind. Set DSCP path

What's the DSCP? The DSCP value is used in QoS to specify the priority of the packet in the QoS dispatch, and the higher the value, the greater the priority. Of course, this method is not for all computers are effective, generally suitable for dial-up Internet access through ADSL friends, if it is in many users of the local area network, the effect will not be obvious.

The third type. Disabling the MMCSS service

Deletes the MMCSS service. is to automatically promote the priority of audio and video playback, audio and video playback priority of a high allocation of CPU time on the network will naturally be less, which will affect the speed ", disable this service to achieve the goal of reducing the game delay.

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