Win7 What is the new library feature?

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Win7 new library features are as follows:

1, folders in the Library and common folder differences

It differs from the normal folder in that the normal folder is stored on a disk, and the folder above the library is from a different location. such as files that can be associated with a user's computer or from a mobile disk. Although this difference is relatively small, it is the most essential difference between the traditional folder and the library. If you're still vague about the library, the folders in the library are a bit like the shortcuts on the desktop. is to link these applications to a library for management.

2, delete the actual folder on the library file impact

For example, we will copy a folder on a hard disk to the library, and then delete the folder, so that the file on the library is not affected. At the same time we open this folder storage location, found that the original in the old place a new WinXP file. This is created automatically by the operating system, and it is saved by the newly created folder in the library.

3. Shared files on the network cannot be added to the library file

When you add a shared file to the library on the network, the error message "This folder cannot be included because it is a shared file instead of an index" appears. This is a difference between the library and the normal folder.

4, folders in the library and the actual folder can not be compared to the

That is to say, a folder on a common computer, as well as a folder saved in a library, cannot be said to be an equivalent relationship. One is the actual stored folder, one is the name of the library. The two are irrelevant.

5, in the library to share

In a library, you can maintain and manipulate the files contained in the library. If you can share a file in a library.

How to use the Win7 library:

1, first how to create a new library, after entering the library desktop, click on the toolbar "file-new-Library", you will create a new file called "New Library" library. As shown in the figure:

2, add the folder to the library, in front of a new blank library, and then double-click into the Library folder, pop-up new library is empty, click the "Include a File" button, add a folder on the local computer to the library above to complete the operation of the Add folder. As shown in the figure:

You can basically create a new library and then add a folder to the library to file storage operations on the library.

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