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First, view the memory footprint of the system and software

1, open the System Task Manager, click on the top of the "performance" to view the current memory usage, as shown in the following figure:

2, from here can be seen, my memory may not be much space. So when I continue to open other programs, the smaller the available memory will be, and then the system will react more slowly.

At this point, we can switch to Task Manager's "Process" tab, and then click "Memory" to have the system sorted by memory size, as shown in the following figure:

3, so we can be very intuitive to see that those programs occupy the system a lot of memory, which causes our system to run slowly.

As the following illustration shows, the memory used by my process Manager to display "Firefox" is large. I'm not using Firefox to browse the Web now, so I can turn this application off or just end the process directly from task management, freeing up more memory space.

4. When we go back to "performance" in Task Manager to view the current available memory, we will find that the system has more available memory than the original, as shown in the following figure:

5, this method is suitable for us to install on the computer too many software, and there are many running programs, such as the system started with some players, chat software and so on. With Task Manager, you can learn more about the memory we are currently using, as well as help us find out which software takes up a large amount of memory so that we can decide whether to end it or remove it completely from the system, depending on our own needs.

By cleaning up the software, we turn off the software that we don't use very often, but consumes the system's memory, thereby freeing up more memory space.

Second, the appropriate adjustment of virtual memory

1, when the physical memory of our computer system is not enough, the system will automatically enable virtual memory to solve the problem of insufficient memory. The so-called virtual memory, is the system to the hard disk area as a physical memory (RAM) to use, but because the hard disk read and write speed and memory is far from enough to compare, so in performance will have a big difference. When the system memory is not enough, we can find that our hard drive lights will always flicker, and this time the computer's response speed is particularly slow, this is the system is using virtual memory on the hard disk to deal with our physical memory is not enough.

2, select "Computer", click the right mouse button, select "Properties" in the pop-up system window, click on the left "advanced system Settings", as shown in the following figure:

3, then in the System Properties window, click "Advanced", and then click "Settings", as shown in the following figure:

4, in the "Performance Options" click "Adjust for the best performance". The advantage of this setting is that sacrificing the visual effect to allow the system to reduce the footprint of hardware resources, as shown in the following illustration:

5, Next, we click on the "Advanced" option, you can see the current "virtual memory" size, as shown in the following figure:

6, if our computer memory is not enough, you can change the virtual memory properly. Note, however, that virtual memory is not as large as possible. In general, do not exceed twice times the physical memory, otherwise the system may run more slowly

Third, increase physical memory

1, if the above methods can not be used, the system or will appear out of memory, it is recommended to install memory solution.

2, the installation of memory on the system's speed of ascension is the most obvious.

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