Win8 computer part of the Web page can not open how to solve?

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1, first of all, what is DNS? This is not open in the Web page of the various reasons mentioned, want to know friends can go to my experience home view. In general, it is the domain name resolution system. You can interpret it as an interpreter. DNS failures allow you to consider the DNS cache first. The method is as follows: First, open the Start menu, click Run, enter CMD.

2, input Ipconfig/flushdns and return to run.

When prompted, try to open the Web page again.

3, if this does not solve the problem, you can consider modifying the host file. The host file is a system file for Windows. stored in the default DNS server settings, if the host file already exists in the relevant ip-"domain name corresponding relationship, and then enter the domain name without DNS resolution." So we just need to get the right IP address on the line. This IP address can be found through network queries and by using other computer pings (see my experience homepage).

4, the following we find the host file and modify it, because the host file is a system file, the default property is hidden, we need to set the folder option to view the hidden file. Click the tools file options to see the appropriate settings.

5, after the completion of the following path can be found in the host file:

c:windows-"system32-" "drivers-" etc.

6, on the file right click on the selection of Notepad to open, you can edit the contents of the internal.

7, the text to the bottom in the blank place a new line to enter the correct IP address you know after the name of the site you can't open the two to write on the same line.

8, after the completion of the input press Ctrl+s Save and exit and then open the browser if the correct settings can enter the site.

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