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  After installing the WINDOWS8 Consumer Preview, are you annoyed that you can't get into safe mode for Mad press F8 or Shift+f8? Read the following tutorial steps can be easily completed.

  Action steps are as follows:

1. Add Safe mode into the boot entry, you may know the Magic cube optimization settings master can add boot items, unfortunately, the hint can not use?

2. Find the Rubik's Cube catalogue TweakCube3WinMaster.exe, this is the master of optimization settings. Right-click the following figure operation and then double-click to use, whether you can open it?

3. Follow the diagram below to add Safe mode to the boot entry., enter Msconfig. The following figure

5. The following figure operation, check Safe mode, red box hook., reboot the computer. The Betta fish came out.

7. Finally saw the friendly Blue selection interface, the default has 30 seconds to select the time. Click on the safe mode, automatic restart again, see Betta Fish and then enter the login interface.

8. Enter the password

9. Formal entry into Safe mode.

10. Another picture

11. Metro can be used in safe mode.

The end is all over, is it super simple? It's much easier to go into safe mode later.

  Here is the supplemental content:

Before entering the system selection interface, click on the button below to enter the image below.

Here you can change the wait time for 5 minutes, 30 seconds, and 5 seconds.

You can also change the default system.

Select other options to enter, and then select "Troubleshoot"

Here we can restore the computer and initialize it.

Go to Advanced options

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