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Migrating to WIN8 users may have a very large experience, that is, a lot of things do not have to back up at any time, copy files also do not have to go through the U disk or mobile hard drive transfer, because the WIN8 itself is enough to complete the synchronization function. In Microsoft's plan, WIN8 will be a system that spans multiple platforms, and the cloud is its key.

Win8 Set Synchronization

On the one hand, our various settings on a single computer can be synchronized to any one of the devices through the Microsoft account. Let's take a personalized example to illustrate the following.

Login via Microsoft account Win8

If you use a Microsoft account to log on to the system, and set their own personalized options, when the use of other computers landing, the same will be set up a good interface. Even if the current computer has no desktop wallpaper on the original file, you can continue to use the image saved to the cloud as a wallpaper.

In the settings we found "Change computer settings" and then find the "Sync your settings" option, where we can set what content can be synchronized.

Win8 Sync Settings

Current content that can be synchronized includes personalization, desktop personalization, form password information, browsers, WIN8 application settings, and other Windows settings, which can be synchronized on any WIN8 computer via the Microsoft account.

Because the synchronization is carried out through the network, so you can "in accordance with the flow of charges on the connection" under the two closed, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

File Sync Backup

In addition to the settings and files, through the built-in SkyDrive, we can save any files to the cloud, and then download to any one of the Win8 devices. First try to upload some files to SkyDrive. Right-click in the margins of the interface, and the bottom of the screen pops up the toolbar and finds the upload option. Click to enter the file selection interface.

SkyDrive tool Bar

By clicking on "Files", we can see the familiar File Selection menu, which, like the traditional desktop, finds the file we want, and then uploads it to SkyDrive, which is very simple.

Computer Knowledge Select File Upload

Also, we can manage cloud files through SkyDrive. Right click on the file, still will be at the bottom of the Screen pop-up toolbar, select "Management", we can make the file "rename", "Move" and "delete" operation. Of course, we can also open the file directly, or download the file to the local.

Manage Cloud Files

The files that are managed by SkyDrive will be directly synchronized in the cloud, and the files in the cloud are always in the latest state. This will be the latest file to browse or download cloud files through all the other devices.

Win8 's cloud synchronization characteristics can help us solve a lot of unnecessary trouble, in the system as a tool of production, any time-saving and labor-saving characteristics are a kind of advancement of work, and Win8 is representing such advanced.

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