WIN8 Delete Legacy application and cleanup application cache

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This article describes several common problems and solutions for the WIN8 system associated with the Windowsapps folder. Reference Baidu Library, Baidu experience, as well as the soft media it home forum posts, mainly share the "delete old version Win8 application"; Clean WIN8 application Cache ";" Return Windowsapps permission "These three questions, thanks the original author as well as has contributed to the resolution of these problems friends!"

If you use Windows 81 time to find that the system's disk space is getting smaller ... can refer to this article to clean up!

Remove Legacy WIN8 Applications

WIN8 application installed directory on the system disk, the default path is C:Program Fileswindowsapps,windowsapps folder even the administrator account does not have access to permissions, you can add the current administrator to obtain permissions (this will reduce system security, In order to ensure WIN8 application stability, do not make too many changes after obtaining the permission.

1. Go to c:program Files directory you will not find the Windowsapps folder, because this directory is hidden, view hidden files as follows: Ribbon menu View >> [tick] hidden items

2. Get permission for this folder, this step is important please be sure to follow the steps.

(1) Right-click Windowsapps Folder-Properties-security-advanced

(2) Default in the owner will show the current owner can not display, click on the following changes, add your current account name, OK.


(Note: The account name to be entered is the name that was entered when the system was installed, and the computer--right----management--Local Users and groups--users--did you see that there was a name you set for yourself, that's it! is the name, not the full name. (Recommended to read this article) or the following figure, click Advanced-Immediately view-from below to find out what you set the username, if you are Microsoft ID login, that is the Microsoft Username + email address that, select that on the line!

(3) After the owner will appear after your account name, tick the replacement sub container below and the owner of the object, and then click on the confirmation below, will carry out a period of authorization process.

3. After the authorization, you will be able to operate the folder, open the folder you will find a duplicate directory (if you have updated the application), but the later version number is different.

The next thing to do is, hold down CTRL to select more, delete the old version, if you can see the modified date, suggest first put to the Recycle Bin, and then see whether the application can open normally, do not delete the wrong, or you will uninstall the application to the application store installed.

Another: 64-bit system Some applications will also appear x86 and x64 directory, should be kept do not confuse the

And these folders are very important, do not rise to the x86 of the whole deleted, the consequences we do not know, you can try O (∩_∩) O.

At this point, Win8 redundant application of the elimination of the rest, it is best not to do other changes ~

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