WIN8 Network connection error 651 how to resolve

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Appeared 6,511 as a result of the user terminal computer and the CNC connected to the end of the device, client side reason (dial-up software, network card driver, USB cat drive, computer system, ADSL cat itself, after the door line), Netcom is responsible for part of the reason (telephone outside, local equipment, equipment port), most This may be due to an external network disconnection or a problem with the device.

1, first to eliminate the problem of wiring and connection

Unplug the modulation and demodulation, cable, and so on, and then reinstall to see if you can dial the Internet, if not, please check if the local network connection is normal. If the local connection to play X state, it is possible that the cat problem, the condition allows friends to try to change a cat try, if still not, please continue to try the following methods.

2. View the three LEDs on the modem: ADSL (network communication lamp), LAN (CAT computer communication indicator), PWR (Cat power supply lamp) is on, where ADSL lights and PRW lamps must be often bright, if not bright timing cat and external network cable or operator that there is a problem, the normal use of LAN for flashing.

3, if the above two points can only use the last resort, contact your region's network provider, telecommunications users to dial: 10000, Unicom 10010, Tietong 10050, go to manual services, reported that local broadband error 651.

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