Win8 Open Cbox Prompt "Sorry, failed to connect to the network" How to do?

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Cboxg is the official CCTV platform, CBOXG online to provide high-definition synchronous live, but also the country's largest network of TV live clients. But recently, when a Win8.1 system user opens the Cboxg, it prompts: Sorry, failed to connect to the network, causing the open failure. What do we do? How to solve this problem? Now small make up and everybody say how to solve WIN8 computer open Cboxg Prompt "Sorry, failed to connect to the network" problem.

The solution is as follows:

1, FAQ First, pay attention to download the latest version of the installation from the official website, unofficial have been modified, it is difficult to ensure stable operation.

2, may also be the version that you use or beta, you can try to download the non-beta version of the network officer. If not, you can try to make the classic version, or simply use the cloud version, will be more stable and reliable.

3, do not use agents, CBOXG type of direct-seeding software does not support the agent.

4, also do not use VPN connection, because the VPN will jump, most likely will cause completely cannot play or extremely unstable or very slow situation.

5, open cbox or switch live program, often prompted script error: At this point, you can press Ctrl+shift+alt+del to clean up the IE cache.

6, if you are a home network, do not turn on the router's UPnP Peer-to-peer network, and are currently very few and the technology. Otherwise, you may receive a "connecting" prompt but not play, and other online playback is also resolved.

7, if the video is not normal, such as black screen, but the sound normalized or no sound, but the video is normal. There may be a problem with the decoder, which can occur after you install another Third-party player. You can fix it by reinstalling the latest version of Microsoft's official Windows Media player, or downloading and installing a video decoder.

8, if the CBOXG on the computer can only watch on demand, can not see the live broadcast, the crux of the problem is that the router's settings are incorrect, so you see live, the system does not detect the flow of download!~~ so always show "buffer" ~ ~ Put this more specifically, Cbox live Peer-to-peer transmission technology does not support Upup. So all you have to do is set the forwarding rule in the router-that is, "UPNP" to close. It's just like you're at home. The UPnP shutdown of the router is the same. After you change this setting, restart Cboxg, and watch the live broadcast!

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