Win8 play the game soon after the crash how to solve?

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WIN8 System computer play game soon after the resolution of the crash.

The workaround is as follows:

Method One:

1, it is recommended that you play the game, the shutdown of all program software running.

2, check the CPU and graphics card cooling, dust, oil, or replace the fan.

3, the power supply voltage is not stable, the power supply is insufficient, the replacement quality high power power.

4, timely cleaning system garbage files, so that the system to maintain vitality.

5, if the Internet is always playing games, slow speed is also one of the reasons for the card (NIC overheating).

6, the computer configuration slightly low, play a large game will be card.

7, the game software is incompatible with the system, the first game software uninstall, download the installation of the game software or the new version of the game software, if there are cards or crash failures, the game software itself has errors or not adapt to your system, do not use.

Method Two:

1, first of all, you have to check the game is not a problem

2, second, check the virtual memory is enough to run the game

3, you have to check the physical memory is not contact with the bad

4, you have to check the video card and CPU temperature is high, suggest using everestultimate to check the temperature of the CPU, graphics card temperature to see if your video card has a temperature sensor, if not, it had to manually measure the

5, finally, operating system problems

6, if this is not sure of the problem, I suggest you to find a professional maintenance staff.

Method Three:

1, the Board card contact bad or quality problems caused by equipment operation instability

2, computer cooling caused by the CPU or graphics chip temperature is too high and panic, which has hardware design flaws, such as some of the recalled graphics cards or computer parts

Method Four:

1, by Remote Trojan control, computer everything in the hacker's grasp.

2, virus or malicious plug-in intrusion, causing the system to be destroyed.

3, the computer installation of the driver is not compatible, the computer runs for a period of time there is a panic.

4, the software itself compatibility problem, the software is incompatible with serious conflict and system conflict, the computer crashes.

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