WIN8 system can not use QQ browser to see the video how to Do

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WIN8 system can not use QQ browser to see the video how to do

Solving method

1, in fact, for the network of the Great God, Flash plug-in is everyone knows the network support Plug-ins, if you understand the flash of the great God can skip this one;

2, first of all, the Flash plug-in is divided into IE kernel and non ie kernel, such as Firefox, Google is not ie kernel, to download non ie kernel flash plug-ins, such as QQ browser, Cheetah browser, etc. are IE kernel;

3, download the Flash plug-in method is very simple, that is, through Baidu search "FLASH", according to the first search results, go in to choose to download it.

Video problems

1, the browser security is too high, in the tool-internet-security inside set;

2, the speed is not smooth and stable. You can open Tencent computer Butler--toolbox--test speed, check, whether stable and smooth;

3, browser problem. You can clean down the cache. (or is incompatible, you can try) to see your situation, the reason should be this;

4, can be repaired with the computer housekeeper. Open Tencent computer Butler-Computer Clinic-Internet anomaly-video.

Cheat Lore

1, if the above you feel that the operation is not too clear, then you must be not too familiar with the computer, and feel very troublesome right, you may have used the above method but still did not solve your problem, want to see another 5% of IE registry is not registered how to solve, in fact, the registry does not recommend their own operation, It's going to be a little confusing for a computer.

2, the last direct to the secret to teach everyone, is the use of Third-party software a key repair, these features at present many software have, such as: Tencent Computer Butler, below take it for example

3, in the Tencent computer Butler many functions, there is a function called the computer clinic, click inside will have a variety of computer problems to repair, but the classification is very clear, I am Tencent video in the Web page can not see, decisive click "Tencent Zone";

4, into the Tencent Zone, a glimpse of this solution, direct point of immediate repair.

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