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For software Win8 compatibility testing, the fundamental test is to reflect the universal compatibility in the latest WIN8 operating system with software that users use the Windows platform. In other words, we need to start from the most common and practical software, and browsers believe that any platform can not or lack of the most common, practical software. So testing the compatibility of PC browsers is a more universally representative direction. Here we check out three of these PC browser software from a number of browsers and look at their compatibility performance.

A browser is a software that displays the content of HTML files for Web servers or file systems, and lets users interact with those files. Web browsers are used to display text, images, and other information in the World Wide Web or local area network. These words or images can be hyperlinks to other URLs, and users can quickly and easily browse through the various information. Web pages are typically HTML-formatted. Some Web pages are required to use a specific browser to display correctly. Mobile browser is running on the mobile phone browser, you can browse the Internet content via GPRS.

PC Browser software


Software name
360 Speed Browser
Mozilla Firefox
Wealth Cat Save Money Browser

Web browsers interact with Web servers primarily through HTTP protocols and obtain Web pages, which are specified by URLs, usually in HTML format, and are specified by MIME in the HTTP protocol. A Web page can contain multiple documents, each of which is retrieved from the server separately. These aspects are more or less a requirement for the platform on which browsers are based, so what is the performance for Windows 8 in terms of PC browser compatibility? We'll explore it right away.

360 Speed Browser Compatibility test

360 Speed browser is a speed, safe and seamless dual-core browser. It is based on chromium open source project, with lightning-like browsing speed, complete security features and a wealth of practical tools to expand. In addition, in order to more suitable for domestic users, it joined the mouse gesture, super drag, restore the closure of the label, the Address bar Drop-down list and other practical functions, with the original chromium smooth operation experience, so that you browse the Web page when smooth, peace of mind.

360 Speed browser inherited the Chromium open source project Super Streamlined page and innovative layout, and innovative integration into the domestic user favorite Sina Weibo, Renren, Weather forecasts, dictionary translation, stock quotes and other popular functions, in a large increase in speed at the same time, taking into account the domestic Internet applications. In particular, seamless dual-core engine, experience is very good.

pc browser software
software name software version download Address

360 Speed browser

7.0 Click to download
PC Browser software
Software name Compatibility

360 Speed Browser


Web site automatic complement function normal

Web page appears normal

Online video playback is normal

Combined with the 360 Speed Browser 7.0 version in the general graphics and text integrated portal display, online video playback, as well as 360 speed browser general associative complement full function can be normal operation, so 360 Speed browser does not exist in the Win8 compatibility problem. Win8 users can be assured to use.

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