Windows 8 account switching is simple without exiting the reboot

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In the previous Windows system, if we want to switch the current logged-in user, we will be accustomed to press the "win+l" shortcut to enter the lock screen interface, and then select the "Switch User" button, and then enter the password with a different user name login. In the new interface of the Windows 8 system, we can more easily skip the lock screen to switch the current logged-on user directly.

Entering the Windows 8 Start screen, we can see the user name and avatar of the current login account displayed in the upper-right corner of the interface. Click on the username and avatar area to see a drop-down menu with options such as "Change user Avatar", "Lock", "logout", and "other accounts (toggle user)".

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Click on the menu to the "other account (switching user)" option, WIN8 will go directly to other accounts of the relevant user name and password input login interface, enter a password can switch to login to the selected account, very direct and convenient.

At the same time, these options also provide WIN8 users with a very convenient way to change avatar, lock screen, cancellation and other operations.

▲ Account Options

In addition, in the account login interface of the WIN8 system, if the current system already has more than one registered account, the hit account, like the left-hand side also has the "Toggle account" Point arrow button, click on it, WIN8 will switch to more than one account Avatar Account selection interface, click to select the required account like login.

▲ Select the account you want to log in to

If you want to switch between a Microsoft account and a local account in Win8, and add and remove users, you can do so in the WIN8 computer settings-user interface. We can press the "Win+i" key combination in the Win8 start screen or use the finger to move from the right side of the screen to the middle to pull out the Super button and select the "Set" gear icon, and then choose "Change Computer Settings" to enter the WIN8 computer settings interface. Of course, we can also at the beginning of the article introduced in the Win8 Start screen in the upper right corner of the account drop-down menu to choose "Change user Avatar", so that WIN8 can go directly to the "Computer Settings-Personalization" interface, and then select the following "user" category can be.

▲ Change account in Setup

The above describes the WIN8 system how to quickly switch the current login account methods and techniques, I hope to help.

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