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In the previous article, only mentioned WINDOWS8 can be separate for each window set different input method, unexpectedly but a stone stirred thousand layers of waves, the sound of controversy. It is not understandable that there is a person, Windows8 the Chinese input method can not be deleted, the default input method can not be set to English and so on. It is for this reason that the following introductory tutorial is available.

In the Control Panel-clock, area, and language-click "Add Language" below:

Find "English" in "Ruby Y" (English system can find the first letter of English language directly), double-click to open:

Select a specific language area in the open window, such as English (USA) in this article, to complete the add:

Back to the Language settings interface, click to select "Chinese (People's Republic of China)" and click "Move Down":

The Delete button is now active and can be deleted by clicking it.

After deletion, only the English input method will be retained:

Revert to the state before the deletion, add the Chinese input method back, and select Advanced Settings:

In the override default Input Method Drop-down menu, set to English (United States)-American keyboard.

Next, you can set the common shortcut keys in the "Change Language bar Hotkey" below:

Select "Between input languages" and click "Change Key Sequence"

Change it to "ctrl+shift" to use the classic way to switch after saving.

In addition, for the input method, you can set a fast switching mode:


1. The system defaults to install the display language corresponding to the input method, other input method needs to install itself

2. System requirements to retain at least one input method, before the deletion of the default input method to install additional input method

3. Use winkey+space to switch between input methods; Ctrl+space is the switch between input method and non input method (at this time the English input state). Use shift to switch between Chinese and English

4. In the Control Panel Language window, change the order of the input method under the language preferences for the order in which the input method is switched, and the input method in the first place is the default input method when no other changes are made

5. The "Override default Input Method" is modified in the language advanced option to use the changed Input method as the default input method

6. In the "Change Language bar Hotkey", you can make changes to toggle shortcut keys

7. When you do not have the right to change after the situation appears, in the "Advanced options" can restore the Input method settings default

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