Windows always prompts IP address conflicts to resolve

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I believe many friends have encountered such a situation, that is, when the Internet, Windows always prompts IP address conflicts, as shown in the following figure:

  So what exactly is the problem?

In general, an IP address conflict occurs when two hosts are configured with the same IP and are brought online we can first look at the IP address of the computer, and then ask others who are equipped with the same IP, let the other party to change it is, or you modify the system's IP address is also a good solution, If there is a router, the recommended approach is to open the router's DHCP function, which can effectively avoid the IP address conflict.

As for some people will worry about whether it is a network attack problem, the LAN environment for IP attacks is very small, mostly ARP attack, the principle is to use tampering system ARP cache to guide the packet to the wrong destination, so as to achieve the purpose of theft of data, The way to prevent this attack is to manually bind ARP information or install the ARP firewall.

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