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Today in the installation of their own computer MyEclipse10.1, crack the need to run myeclipse10.x registration machine in the Run.bat file, but double-click the run, the computer can not run, do not know why, I think there may be because my computer reinstall system reasons, but found my computer after the cmd, in C:/user/administrator> also can't execute DOS command, but go to c:/windows/system32> can execute DOS command, I think it should be the problem of configuration, then know is the problem of environment variables, you can set this: c:/ user/administrator> the following input command set path=%path%; C:/windows/system32, meaning that the current environment variable (path would have a value) on the basis of adding c:/windows/system32, but this is only valid in the current operation, temporary can be used, the symptom does not cure, want to permanently modify, You need to modify the environment variables, in fact, as with other environment variables (such as Java JDK Environment variables), right-click My Computer--> properties--> Advanced Properties--> environment variable--> after path add Yes, separated by semicolons--> save is done.

Now run Run.bat file on it, by the way, the installation of myeclipse10.x, do not go to see the internet there a large pile of crack instructions, according to the installation of the cracked package inside the crack description can be, Run the registration machine Run.bat file, follow the steps inside, don't be misled by those cracked instructions on the Internet, right, I said is installed under Windows, my installation environment is Windows7 64-bit!

Add: Run.bat, in fact, inside is a Java file, to run, first of all in their own computer installed JDK, and configure the environment variable!

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