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In Windows 7 and earlier Windows XP operating systems, adding or removing hardware devices is done through Device Manager, and Windows 8 provides an entirely new way to add or remove devices.

Open Computer Settings

In fact, the Windows 8 Device Manager is still reserved, nostalgia users can still find it in the Control Panel, and hi new users now want to use the Windows 8, the latest "Computer Settings" interface.

Move the mouse arrow at the top or bottom of the screen, which is a transparent menu that slides to the right of the screen, and clicks the settings icon at the bottom. In the Pop-up Settings screen, click the "Change computer settings" option at the bottom. This goes into the computer setup interface. Then click on the device option on the left menu to see a list of the various hardware devices connected to the current computer on the right (Figure 1).

Add Install new device

Typically, when a user connects a new device to a computer, Windows 8 automatically detects and installs it, and if Windows 8 does not find the appropriate driver, the user can download and install it from its manufacturer's Web site. However, there are also exceptions where Windows 8 cannot be automatically detected when a new device is installed on a computer, such as a wireless network printer, which requires the user to manually install the device.

First, make sure that the device is connected to the computer and turn on the power, and by clicking the "Add Device" option at the top of the list of devices, Windows 8 will automatically search for the device, and after a few seconds, it will show the device being discovered. Then tap the device you want to install and go to the installation drive, which depends on the size of the data in the driver. When the progress bar is finished, the device is installed.

Tip: In this list of devices you will not see all the hardware devices, such as boards, hard drives, optical drives, etc., display displays, printers, scanners, mouse buttons, mobile phones, flash memory, and other external devices, even can show connected to the computer Xbox360 game machine.

To remove an installed device

In the list of hardware devices, when you click on a device with your mouse, a minus sign appears on the right side of the device, and then click the minus sign, and Windows 8 asks you to confirm that you want to remove the device? (Figure 2) by clicking the "Delete" button, the device will no longer appear in the device list after the wait process is complete.


On a computer with Windows 8 installed, using the computer settings interface, adding or removing devices will be done very easily. However, it is also flawed, that is, the types of devices displayed and settings options are not rich in Device Manager, nor can you configure how they work. It is said that Microsoft will later provide Windows 8 applications that will help make PC settings more user-friendly.

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