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There is a larger file on your hard drive, want to send it from the Internet through e-mail to friends, but found that the other side of the receiving server can not support such a large file ..., then the use of compressed software such as zip is also useless, because the file itself has been compressed. So many people are looking for file segmentation software, in fact, there is no need to be so troublesome, the use of WinRAR on it.

Through this article, you can compress some large files into small files, and enjoy the service of compressing and segmenting file coherent.

First step: Select the compressed file

Press Win+e to Start Explorer, select the file or folder you want to compress (you can select it with CTRL and SHIFT), right-click, choose winrar→ "Add to Package" command, and WinRAR will open the "Compress package name and Parameters" window shown.

Step two: Set the split size

In this window, click the Compress Package Name text box to change the compressed file name to split file. Then click the "volume, number of bytes" Drop-down list box, from which to choose the size of the split file, generally choose 1,457,664 bytes, indicating a floppy disk size, of course, you can also type custom split size.

Step three: Compress and split files

When the settings are complete, click the OK button, so the WinRAR compression software will compress the software and split it into the corresponding file according to the size you set. Because the compressed file name is set to split file, WinRAR will split the selected files into separate files. Part1, split file, Part2, split file, Part3 ... And so on file compression stored in a folder.

Fourth step: Merging split files

After generating these small split files, just send the split file as an attachment to each other's email address, and tell him to copy it to the same folder when you receive it, and then double-click the split file. part1, file, winrar will open it. You can then extract the file as if it were not a segmented rar file.

Small Tips

WinZip also provides split file functionality starting with 8.1, as long as you right-click a file in the Explorer, select Winzip→add compress the file, double-click the compressed file to mount it, and then click the Action→split command. In the pop-up window, enter the split filename, and select the split size (general selection of 1.44M), press the OK button.

By this method, the file can be compressed again when the file is split, which is not the same as any other file segmentation software.

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