WinXP boot show pink What to do

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WinXP boot show pink What to do

There are two reasons for this problem:

1, the Display connector line bad contact, resulting in color abnormalities; You can check whether the monitor's link connectors are loose.

2. Garbage in the system operation signal; generally such signals will be blocked by the system, the user can not see. You may consider reloading the graphics driver.

If there is only time to start, then it can be judged that the system signal is not blocked off. If the reload video card driver is invalid, you need to consider the brush bios, but the brush BIOS risk is relatively large, do not recommend the operation, or in the case of a master guidance.

Under normal circumstances WinXP boot just because the computer some aging, can enter the system does not affect the use of the situation, this problem is not urgent to solve, we do not have to worry too.

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