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Now all kinds of software have "parent mode", so that parents to guide the safe use of minors in the Internet, reflecting the parents of their children in meticulous love. and children grow up, busy their careers and family, is not what to do to repay the parents of grace? Like "parent mode", let's Make a "parental model" browser for them.

Although 50 or 60 years old is hale and hearty, but they are in the age of contact with less knowledge, computer operation is very unfamiliar. At the same time, some page elements too small, can also cause identification difficulties. So a suitable browser should be clear interface, easy to use. And proud of the browser is extremely customizable, you can easily meet these conditions.

A. Streamline toolbar buttons

The older generation of people surf the internet mainly to watch news, browse forums, or play web games. In this case, most of the buttons on the browser interface are useless, and moderate streamlining can improve efficiency and reduce the number of false touches.

In the Proud browser interface Right-click, move the mouse to the right menu of the "Add or Remove button" item, in the pop-up menu, the button is not commonly used to hide.

The author recommends retaining the "back", "forward", "refresh", "Stop" and "Home" buttons, which cover most of the browsing requirements and are simple to understand.

After setting the interface, don't forget to lock the toolbar: Click on the right side of the interface--Select the "Lock Toolbar" item on the menu. The lock identity is the vertical bar that is before each toolbar disappears.

Second, the Streamlined status bar

Proud of the status of the column content is very rich, including constantly updated cold jokes, some function buttons, zoom tips and so on. Based on the same reason as the toolbar, we need to streamline it. Right-click on the status bar, select the "Add or Remove button" in the right-click menu, and hide unwanted buttons individually in the pop-up menu. The author only retains the "remaining Memory", "collection panel" and "Advertising filter".

Third, the page automatically enlarge

Old will presbyopia, the small print can not see clearly. Now the size of the display is growing, the point distance is getting smaller, the corresponding screen text is getting smaller. Many web pages are only in the middle of a thin screen, not clear and also waste space. Proud tour can automatically enlarge every time the page is loaded, make full use of screen space, take care of presbyopia.

In turn, enter the tools-Pride center-general options, and in the default page scale, fill in the proportions you want to enlarge. Here the author chose to enlarge to 150%, we can according to their own monitor to choose a suitable proportion.

Four, the classification of favorites

Collection classification can improve the efficiency of the collection and facilitate the collation of the data. For example, the author has established "News", "forum", "Game", "collection" and other classifications. The Favorites folder can be used to keep some pages that have not been read and see them again next time. In addition, some commonly used URLs are listed separately, simple and clear, easy to access.

At this point, a "parent-specific browser" was born. With some chat tools, game platform, let our parents also drive fashion, enjoy the vitality of young people life.

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