Word 2003 column method and solutions to common problems

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Word 2003 column method and solutions to common problems. Ordinary We see the literature, are the text column, and the title and summary column, but the practice to complete such operations is not a simple thing! Under normal circumstances, we will encounter this problem in the operation, that is, when the text is partially selected to stop the column, the body part automatically run to the next page.

This situation is mainly due to a footnote on the home page, the footnote is removed, you can return to normal!! But as a paper to remove the footnote is intact, in fact, to save the footnote and make the body part of the main page is only set up on the problem! Treatment: Select the Word menu bar "tools →" → "compatibility" → "Options", select "according to Word 6.x/95/97 of the way to emit footnotes", and then press the Stop column operation, you can reach the required columns!

1. The creation of the sub-column

Click the Format menu and select the Columns command to render the Columns dialog box.

In preset, select the format for the columns.

If you're not comfortable with the column format in the preset, you can enter the number of columns you want to split in the column number box.

If you want the columns to be wide, select the Column width equal check box, or cancel the selection flag in the column width equal check box, and set the column width and spacing for each column in column width and spacing.

If you want to take a separator line between columns, select the Separator check box.

In the Apply Range Drop-down list, select the range of columns.

When you are finished setting, click the Affirmative button to close the Columns dialog box, where you can see the column status of the document in print layout view.

2. Manufacturing Hurdle Title

Sometimes, we would like the title of the article in all the columns above, the title itself without columns, how can the ability to achieve this effect? This requires that the document be stopped for section disposition. Each section in the document can be set to a different number of columns, now just the title as a separate section, the section only set a column, you can produce hurdle title. Detailed methods of operation are as follows:

Move the cursor below the title, before the first word in the body.

Open the Insert menu, select the Separator command, and render the Separator dialog box.

Select the continuous option in the section break group.

Click the affirmative button, and then insert a section break between the heading and body.

Open the Format menu, select the Columns command, and render the Columns dialog box.

In "Preset" when you select the format of the column, or I set the column format, such as we in the "preset" when choosing "three columns."

In the Apply Range Drop-down menu, select this section.

Click the affirmative button to close the Columns dialog box, where you can see the use of the hurdle title in Page view.

3. Balance the length of the column text

Careful readers may have been in the previous column operation found that the page after the column length is not divided, the last column may be relatively short, so the layout looks very beautiful.

How can the length of each column be divided? It's really simple, you just click the end of the column that you want to balance. Insert a contiguous section break after the last character in the column.

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