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   Remove the header from the horizontal line method one:

Step one: We can set the header ourselves, as shown in the following figure, insert the header, select the first header, and then we will find that the document automatically added a header.

Step two: At this time we want to delete the header, you can double-click the header, and then click the following image in the header format, the header can be deleted.

Step three: But the small series often encounter, such as not the same version of the Word document, using the above method will be difficult to remove the header, can not be deleted by the header column, the deletion option, this time the small part of the recommended for the next step.

Step four: Double click on the header section of the page, and then click on the start item to find the style, as shown in Figure 1 below, and click on the lower right arrow. And then, as shown in Figure 2, clear the format is OK

  Remove the header from the horizontal line method two:

Step one: Open the Word interface, and click the Styles and Formatting option under the Format menu to open the Styles and Formatting task window. The following figure:

Open the Styles and Formatting task window

Step two: In the list in the Styles and Formatting window, find the header style, select the style with the mouse and click the Drop-down button on the right, select the Modify command from the pop-up Drop-down menu, and then pop the Modify Style dialog box, click Format in the Modify Style dialog box, and in the Drop-down menu that pops up, select The Border command.

Step three: Open the Borders and Shading dialog box, select the Borders tab, and under the Settings bar, select the None option, as shown in the following figure:

Select the None option under the Settings bar

Step four: When the setup is complete, click OK, click Header and Footer on the View menu, and then switch to the header and footer edit view, and the black line at the header is removed. The following figure:

Step five: The black horizontal line in the header has been deleted

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