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to set the method for automatic document recovery one:

Step one: Start Word2013, create a new document, and then click File.

Step two: Open the interface shown in the following figure and click Options.

Step three: Open the Word Options dialog box, click the Save option in the left column, and the contents of the Save options appear on the right.

Step four: The default Word2013 set automatic recovery. If you have not set up the AutoRecover feature or modified the AutoRecover feature, you can do so by checking the Save AutoRecover information interval check box and setting a reasonable time interval. It is recommended that the "close if I do not save, keep the last automatically retained version" checkbox checked.

Step five: If you are not satisfied with the AutoRecover file location, you can set the location yourself. Click the Browse button to the right of AutoRecover file location:.

Description: The AutoRecover file location path can also be entered manually.

Step Six: Open the Modify Location dialog box, select the location you saved, and then click OK.

Step Seven: Return to the WOD Options dialog box and click OK to complete the setup.

To set the method for automatic document recovery two:

Step one: Locate the word software from the System menu and open the Word software, instead of opening a file, open it, and then, as shown in the following illustration, select "Open Other document" at the bottom of the left.

Step two: After clicking "Open other Documents", open the following page, where we can choose to create new and open other documents, but here we select the bottom of the "Restore Unsaved Documents":

Step three: Click "Restore Unsaved Documents", automatically open the system automatically saved, and the user did not save the document, there may be many documents, you can choose to sort by time, and then find their own to recover the document;

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