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Cool WPS Office 2012 finally came, whether the interface or a new mode of operation will be the new version of WPS decorated with gorgeous incomparable. The function is rich again, cannot leave the skillful operation skill, the operation is simple, also can not be inseparable from the heart experience. Using software to "produce" the cooing page is the ultimate destination. Please come with me to make a page of the manuscript. You know, only the beautiful page in front of you, that is a resounding hard truth. We talk and use, you have to carefully experience the WPS Office 2012 text to bring us the convenience and professional.

First look at the finished product page, this is a Chinese and English mixed row of a page on the observation of the sun, the header and footer is a dark blue color bar, the title and number of pages using a similar style of shape block, the center of the page there is a horizontal line segmentation. Different columns are used below and above the page. Of course, this is just a description of why this design is mentioned in the course of subsequent explanations.

Figure 1

First, familiar with tabs and ribbon, with shortcut keys to fully control the WPS Office 2012

Create a new normal page document and start setting up headers and footers. During the operation, keep in mind.

What do you do, still use the mouse point to point to? That's too slow. WPS Office 2012 Key to create shortcut key operation: New page in turn to hit alt+f+n; Enter the header and footer edit alt+n+h; Save more quickly, just use the right hand point three keys alt+f+s, The whole process was done in an instant, it was awesome! WPS Office 2012 will have a variety of functions in accordance with the classification of the form of tabs arranged at the top of the page, the following is divided into several functional areas, this change requires the vast number of users to adapt to the practice.

Figure 2

Comments: Do not ignore the role of shortcut keys, often engaged in document editing, especially the repetitive work of the reader, memorize a few or even more than 10 group of quick orders, not only can greatly improve work efficiency, but also a professional performance, so you can focus more on the content of the manuscript creation, So that you can revolutionize the operation of the software.

First, the completion of the header and footer processing

For documents that need to be rendered as a color page, the header and footer decorations are necessary. It's a good way to use a consistent solid color bar. We do this by adding a table to the header footer and filling it with color. The table is placed under the Insert tab in WPS Office 2012 text, which differs from previous versions.

Figure 3

The header and footer in Figure 3 is a temporary tab that appears after you enter the header and footer editing area, and tabs such as table styles, table tools, and so on are inserted after the table, and are only available when a particular content appears or is inserted. To accommodate the set of details for this command centralization under WPS Office 2012.

Second, the use of online material library to enrich page elements

You can certainly hit the title directly on the color strip without making any decorations. But this is going to be very monotonous, and the solution is to add a background of some shape to the problem by setting the font and size of the topic. The example uses a square that looks like a cut to a corner, and sets it to a shaded effect, which seems to be a lot more expressive than the individual display of the topic.

Figure 4

Comments: Please note that this background shape should be good at using WPS highly integrated online material library to find the right graphics. WPS is no longer simply an open, public online material platform for users. It will be linked to the personal account, you can be interested in the content at any time to save, equivalent to a ready to carry the material package. Most of the material library provides vector graphics that can be arbitrarily sized, divided into more than 10 categories such as icons, graphs, buttons, symbols, arrows, and org charts.

Of course, you can also use the traditional shape to add this effect. Either way, the most important functionality for the operation of the graphics class object in WPS Office 2012 is concentrated in the picture styles Ribbon under the Drawing Tools tab. There is no external color including the interior of the fill, contour line and color settings, as long as you do have a good idea, make a high-quality graphics is very easy.

Third, the object layer graphics adjustment of the right-hand man

The above description does not mention how the title text is added after the shape block is added. What methods do readers think of?

Using a text box is a good choice. Add a text box to the shape you've added, carefully adjust the position of the text box, set the font size and line spacing, and so on, until it looks elegant.

Because to implement the text box to cover the shape block, no matter which object you are working on, selecting it can be troublesome, when you select any drawing object, click on the "Object layer" in the "Drawing Tools" temporary tab, when all the drawing objects can appear in the list, and you can choose exactly as needed. You can also drag these objects directly to adjust the stacking of the order of their overlay, very convenient.

If the set of shape block want to reuse, then use the online material library, the graphics object on the right button, save to the material library can be, such as the page at the foot of the section page shape block, just want to directly call the storage unit of the material library can.

Figure 5

Comments: Good document elements such as beautiful graphics are 1.1 points carefully adjusted out, not too much to pursue a permanent way. Ready-made templates can never fully meet your requirements. For the average user, it is far better to understand the details of a particular feature and operate it well than to rely on ready-made templates to adjust the effect.

Four, "Words Eight claws fish" easily adjust paragraph layout

The text in the document mixed row in order to be beautiful and tidy, the use of tables is a good way to achieve. The use of the table cell adjustable features to adjust the layout, control boundaries, add a variety of separator lines, set line style and color, and so on, as long as the unnecessary box to remove the set to colorless. Whether it's a regular paragraph or a paragraph in a cell, are easy to use WPS Office 2012, called "Words Eight claw fish" paragraph layout tool, this name is really too image, with it, the paragraph before the distance, indentation and other operations is very convenient and intuitive.

Figure 6

Comments: In the first paragraph of this document, use normal paragraphs in English, and the rest, because you want to achieve the corresponding picture and text, add a 2*2 table and carefully adjust the paragraph spacing and text formatting inside the cell. This way you can do the exact center of the picture without having to drag the picture back and forth to adjust the position.

The middle divider is actually a table on the frame line after processing, it seems to be a separate line, readers friends should be good at the table to do such a deal, more complex graphics and text mixed row, play the table is a necessary skill.

At this point, we have completed the layout of such a page. It should be said that it focuses on the most outstanding features of WPS Office 2012. Many of the details of the operation are not described in much detail, the purpose is to hope that the reader friend himself in practice experience. WPS Office 2012 can be said to be WPS from the interface to the operating mode of the reform of a milestone, you are ready for her arrival?

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