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Add a circle and a cloud callout with the AutoShape, select the cloud callout, perform the slide show-Custom Animation command, open the Custom Animation task pane, open the Custom Animation task pane, right-click the Add Effect button in the pane, and then follow the action path--"." Specify path for AutoShape command,

Figure 1

You can add any action path you specify to the selected object, which is also the one setting that best reflects your personality.

Figure 2

Point to the selected graphic, found that the outside of the circle has changed, at this point it is about to become the object of the path, click the graph at this point, the action path settings completed.

Select the circle as the path to delete, and then drag the motion path to the cloud callout, as shown in the figure:

Figure 3

Of course, can also take their own path, set the effect as follows, the action path and its own slightly different, select the path adjustment can be achieved with the original circle, the path set is completed.

Figure 4

This is a very useful feature of the WPS demo, which can be used to simulate the path's irregular graphics route and display it as a custom path.

Figure 5

Right-click the "Hearts" button on the shortcut menu to insert the command, insert a heart shape, use the Drawing toolbar's AutoShape, insert a Hearts pattern, select the Hearts shape, and in the Custom Animation task pane Open, click the Add Effect button in this pane, and then execute the action path--" Specifies the path to the AutoShape command, which points to the heart pattern and finds that the outside of the heart pattern has changed, and that the outside of it is about to become the path of the object,

Figure 6

Click the heart pattern at this point, and the action path setting is complete.

Figure 7

Delete the heart pattern as the motion path, and drag to match the path to the hearts.

Figure 8

Of course, you can add more complex paths to the animated objects you want to set up, originally many approximate impossible path animation, now becomes possible, this function is unique to the WPS demonstration, even if powerpoint2010 also does not have this function, uses this function to be able to make your talented person approbate, lets your demonstration be more splendid.

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