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WPS we often use it to make documents, write articles, and so on. But how much do you know about it, and do you know all of its applications? Let me introduce you today.

WPS Office

WPS's Graphics and text mix is the page objects (not with the text object) mostly, and the page objects will not move with the body changes. So there is a problem, that is already a good version of a document (contains a large number of page objects), the author wants to add some content in the middle, it is necessary to rearrange. WPS 2002 version has a new feature to address this issue, as illustrated below:

If there is a good version of the document, altogether five pages, there are several page objects per page, and if you now want to insert a blank page after the second page to enter new content, you can insert a page break at the top of the third page, and you'll notice that all the text and objects after the third page move one page after the other.

In addition, there is another accessibility hotkey for this feature: Ctrl+m, ctrl+shift+m are used to move all objects after the current page in turn, move forward one page, and text does not move.

If you are not satisfied with the effect, you need to readjust, the use of "undo" on it.

Learn the above steps, how, there is no harvest to some knowledge, do not rush, slowly, follow the steps to operate, I believe you will soon be able to master.

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