WPS Mobile Version 5.3 officially released exclusive support for WiFi direct sharing playback

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December 26 News, today Jinshan announced WPS Mobile version 5.3 officially released. This version will exclusive support for shared playback via WiFi Direct, and the demo document playback is innovative and will greatly enhance the mobile office experience.

In addition, this version of the program to start, the various components of the document open speed and so on are greatly improved. This version upgrade will bring together 53 new and improved features such as insert and edit of table charts, shared playback under WiFi direct and Hotspot network, and PDF bookmark positioning, below for important updates.

Fully optimize document opening speed

WPS Mobile version of each upgrade will not only introduce a number of fresh bright spot function, more attention to the continuous optimization of performance. This version of the upgrade focused on the speed of document opening optimization, including text, tables, demos and PDFs, the various documents open speed has been greatly improved. The table document speeds up to 1 time times faster than the previous version.

New support setting font size

As the Office software used on mobile devices, the WPS Mobile version has been perfected in document reading. With the development of mobile Internet, and the trend of mobile office, WPS Mobile version will continue to improve the ability to edit the document. This version of the upgrade, in the text document introduced a major feature is the new font size settings and changes. With font bold, underline, font color, and many other font settings, using mobile devices to create and edit beautiful text documents will be more handy.

Table supports inserting and editing charts

This version of the upgrade, WPS Mobile version of the table features more rich, for the table document Office to add a lot of color.

This upgrade adds the ability to insert and edit charts in a tabular document and has a variety of optional styles, such as histogram, pie chart, and so on. Users can display the data in the table graphically as needed, and more intuitively reflect the statistical results of the data. Year-End reporting and summary work, WPS Mobile version is definitely your right-hand man.

New WiFi direct and shared playback under hotspots

The Wi-Fi direct standard is released by Wi-Fi Alliance, allowing devices in the wireless network to connect to each other without having to pass through a wireless router. Wi-Fi direct devices are able to connect to each other anytime, without the need for Wi-Fi routers or access points. Currently, the Android 4.0 (including) system supports WiFi direct technology.

This version of the WPS Mobile version adds support for this technology in the exclusive support of shared playback and will bring greater convenience to the demo playback of mobile office users. Users can simply search for devices that support WiFi direct technology in their surroundings to connect directly with them, enabling faster shared playback.

In addition, the WPS Mobile version has significant updates in text, tables, presentation documents, viewing, and editing. Download the experience quickly. Currently, WPS Mobile version 5.3 has been in the major markets and channels to open the download, in addition, can also be downloaded to the official website installation http://mo.wps.cn/

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