WPS Temp directory does not exist prompt cannot uninstall

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User questions: Install WPS, it will open the error file, open when prompted WPS directory does not exist phenomenon. And unloading it is not going to help, that WPS temporary directory does not exist prompts cannot uninstall what's going on? Here's a look at the WPS Temp directory does not exist hint how to solve?

Failure resolution:

First, the WPS application itself, the failure to repair, try to use the tools in the Configuration tool repair. Repair after the discovery or failure is still the case, then use 360 security guards or Jinshan to uninstall its plug-ins, download the installation try again.

Two, of course, can also be the system of user variables and environment variables are not set to cause this phenomenon. Now we re going to set these two variable parameters.

1, the parameter sets the method: the mouse right click "The computer attribute---Advanced system setting--environment variable",

2, in the environment variable check the user's Variable dialog box above you can see user variables and System variables, the window of the user variables and system variables are modified as follows: (if different words need to change)

User variables



System variables



3, and then click "OK" to see if the WPS will be resolved to always show the temporary directory does not exist computer failure.

Third, the user feedback that the contents of my Documents moved to the mobile hard drive, seemingly mobile hard disk power, WPS again can use, thank you for your support. This methodology has never been tried, you can try.

WPS cannot write to temp directory

If your Win7 operating system has WPS installed, the open document prompts "The current user has no writable permission to the temp directory." Please check your system settings "What's going on?"

You can also first try to click the "Start-run" menu, in the Run input "cmd" command, in the pop-up DOS interface to enter "attrib%tmp%-R", entered after the implementation of the command in order to see if it can be used normally.

If it is not available, it may be related to permissions, log on to the system with the Administrator account, and reinstall your WPS application. Download must go to its WPS official website download security points, so as to ensure that it is the original version of the revision, and is the latest edition.

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