XP desktop icon with blue bottom How to remove?

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Desktop icons have a blue bottom how to remove it? As shown in the following figure, the desktop icon has a blue bottom, look at it is not very awkward? It is very uncomfortable to be in a situation with a desktop background.

Desktop icons have blue bottom

A lot of new people just touch the computer, in the use of the process, due to misoperation or other settings on the reasons, resulting in the desktop icon appears blue bottom. I thought it was a computer poisoning. So, how do I get rid of the blue bottom of the desktop icons?

Desktop icons have blue bottom usually only XP and the following system will appear, although XP has been 10 years of history, but its user base is still very large. Because this situation only exists in the XP system, so the author only for XP system analysis.

So in the End XP desktop icons have blue bottom how to remove?

In fact, it's easy to take a few steps:

Click the right mouse button, select the "Arrange Icons" option, in the Drop-down menu, select "Lock the Web project on the desktop," the front of the "√" to remove it. As shown in the following illustration:

right mouse button setting

The effect chart is as follows:

Final effect Diagram

This simple setup completes the desktop Blue bottom icon to remove the problem, of course, if you prefer the desktop icon has a blue bottom, you can also through the reverse operation to complete.

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