Your home Wi-Fi is rubbed! Did you build it?

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Sometimes look at the video suddenly card, or download speed significantly down, so vigilant, your home router may be rubbed against the net! So how to determine if Wi-Fi is stolen?

Now a lot of smart routers have their own mobile app, you can view the networked devices at any time, kicking to rub the network equipment is also easy. But the router is not a year of throwing devices, many people are still using the antique, for them, how to see if it is rubbed net? and how to avoid it? The following simple 6 strokes to solve the problem of rubbing nets.

  How to identify if the net is being rubbed?

  1th, slow speed for no reason.

If the normal download, browsing are very fast, speed suddenly slowed, we must be vigilant.

  2nd, the discovery of unfamiliar equipment.

On the computer network found that unfamiliar devices can be almost certainly more than the network has been stolen by others.

  3rd, troubleshoot IP addresses.

Through the management interface by the router on the list of equipment and computer name, IP address, hardware address to compare, if not consistent, you are rubbed net.

  How do I view a device attached to a router?

In the browser page input router URL, the URL is usually written on the router instructions, generally "" or "", enter the user name and password, enter the Operation page, click "DHCP Server" to view "Client List", All devices connected to the wireless router are displayed. A device that is not known, that has been rubbed on the net.

  Teach you to quickly set the copy password!

1, use a computer or mobile phone to open the browser, enter or

2, login username and password are entered admin.

3, in the wireless device management bar to modify the password, with more than 10 uppercase, lowercase letters and digital combination to replace the original password.

4, power off the router, 5 seconds before opening.

  Anti-RUB net first recruit

  Lengthened no Line by password

In the router's setup interface, go to the "security" option and then select the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK password so that you can get a 8-63-character password. Make sure that the user's password is easy to remember but difficult to guess.

  Anti-RUB net second recruit

  Turn off routing SSID broadcast

After you disable the SSID broadcast settings, people who rub the web will not find your WiFi name. Although wireless network efficiency will be affected, but in exchange for security improvement is still worthwhile.

  Anti-RUB net third recruit

  Turn off the DHCP feature

The SSID broadcast is turned off, and the DHCP feature needs to be turned off, which means that no lines can automatically assign IP addresses to wireless clients. In this way, the other person still cannot use the network even if they can find the wireless network signal.

  Anti-rub nets fourth strokes

  To modify the router default IP address

Generally no line by the management address is, if modified into or other numbers, you can prevent rubbing the net easily guessed.

  Anti-rub nets fifth strokes

  Lower transmit power

At present, some no line by the regulation of wireless transmission power function, through the regulation of wireless transmission power, can control the coverage of wireless network. This also prevents the web from being rubbed because it is hard to find your wireless signal.

  Anti-rub nets sixth strokes

  Bind MAC Address

Find your Ethernet Adapter MAC address, and then find the wireless MAC address filter in the Routing Setup interface and add your own MAC address so that no other device can use the network without getting permission.

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